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MMA Legend Dan "The Beast" Severn Teaches Arizona Police Defensive Tactics

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MMA Legend Dan “The Beast” Severn

Teaches Arizona Police Defensive Tactics


PHOENIX, Arizona (September 01, 2010) – NTS Tactical (Nottingham Sword & Shield Security) and USA Martial Arts honor local law enforcement, military and first responders by offering free defensive tactics training by UFC Hall of Famer and ASU wrestling legend, Dan Severn

The training will be available from 6:30-8:30pm on Wednesday September 1, 2010 at the grand opening of the newest location of NTS Tactical at Tatum and Greenway roads in North Phoenix.   The event will include a tribute to local law enforcement, military and first responders as part of the festivities.

“It is time that we demonstrate our appreciation to those who serve our country and community.  We are honored to have true MMA Legend and Competitor, Dan Severn, to be a technical advisor, subject matter expert and instructor,” said John Nottingham, owner of NTS Tactical Nottingham Sword & Shield Security.  “We have to face it, MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and effects the way people are resisting officers.  Dan provides the experience, leadership and skill set to help guide this integration of proven and highly efficient skills into defensive tactics for officer survival and the humane handling of suspects.  It is designed to counter the bad guys’ MMA skills.  It is also a tremendous confidence builder for officers to learn and stay healthy.”

Dan Severn, still active as a fighter, has over 95 state, national, and international wrestling titles under his belt.  He has captured the attention of fight and wrestling fans all over the world since his 1994 debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championships [UFC]. Dan is known as "The Beast", a name given to him by Jim Brown during one of his many fights in the UFC.  The Beast's world class wrestling skill, commitment, and desire have provided the foundation for his success.

The native of Coldwater, Michigan, Dan is the only Triple Crown UFC champion in the sport today.  He began his career in the fight game as a Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestler in High School and continued as a collegiate wrestler at Arizona State University.  Dan captured many local titles and several national and world titles, setting eight national records in his early career. He was inducted into Arizona State University's Wrestling Hall of Fame at the end of his prestigious collegiate career.

After college, Dan continued on a quest to be the best amateur wrestler in the world. Numerous competitions from 1982 to 1994 took him to Japan, Hungary, Cuba, France, and Turkey. On each trip, Severn captured another title. Dan also secured 13 National AAU wrestling championships during those years. The Beast also tried his hand at coaching wrestling at ASU and Michigan State University as he continued to compete.  He accepted all challengers in any no holds barred, or professional wrestling events. On May 17, 1996, Dan was crowned the UFC Superfight Champion in his home state of Michigan. He defeated "The World's Most Dangerous Man", Ken Shamrock to regain the title.  In 1999, Dan reached a milestone by competing in his 4000th match.

In addition to his wresting career, Dan also holds Black Belts in the sports of Sombo, Judo, and JiuJitsu.   He is a UFC Champion and has been inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.  Dan has also appeared on 48 Hours, 20/20, The Gordon Elliot Show, Nash Bridges, and many commercials.

John Nottingham, Director of Training at NTS Tactical and President of USA Martial Arts says, “This is a great example of how NTS Tactical integrates multiple disciplines to provide the best solutions for our customers.  Our expertise in tactical training, real life simulation and education made us the right choice for Arizona’s training programs.  The grand opening event will introduce many locals to our services."

NTS TACTICAL is a mobile and on site training company specializing in training military, law enforcement and first responders in protective fields.  Providing risk management, officer development, firearms training, defensive tactics solutions and more; NTS Tactical also provides customized training systems to provide today’s Police and Security with the capability to conduct realistic, high intensity training exercises and mission rehearsals designed for officer development and safety.

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NTS Tactical Nottingham Sword & Shield Security
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free Defensive Tactics with Dan "The Beast" Severn for Arizona Police and Military

Grand Opening of NTS TACTICAL in North Phoenix

NTS TACTICAL is proud to present a special community event.  NTS TACTICAL brought in UFC Champ Dan "The Beast" Severn to offer free training to military, law enforcement and first responders as a tribute for their service to our country and community.

Wednesday September 1 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

LocationNTS Tactical North Phoenix 4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 10 Phoenix, AZ 85032

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Save the Date & RSVP.
Defensive Tactics with Dan "The Beast" Severn UFC Champ FREE to Law Enforcement, Security & First Responders for NTS Tactical Grand Opening.
Prizes, drawings and awards to guest participants.
Training 6:30-8:30
Mixer, autographs, photos: 8:30-9:30

NTS Tactical North Phoenix
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Reviews and what people say about Helix Tactical Training with John Nottingham

What People Are Saying About Helix Tactical Training
Cadre: James Harter, Alex Szelagowski, Don Gray, John Nottingham
Adjunct Subject Matter Experts: Mark Volpone, Dan Severn, Gary Frankson

To Jim Harter
From R. Summers
I just wanted to thank you and your other instructors for an awesome class.  I thought I would be bored and this would be a normal training session to get my guard card.  I want to be the first to tell how wrong I was about that assumption.  The instructors took a lot of time with everyone in the class to make sure we left with more then a piece of paper.  I would recommend you to anyone seeking professional training.
Thank you!
R. Summers   

John, (John Nottingham HELIX Tactical/Arizona Security Professionals)

 Just a quick note, to thank you, and all of the cadre and staff, at AZ Security Professionals, for yesterday's unarmed security guard training certification class.  It was a fun, enjoyable and highly instructive session, which very much surpassed my expectations.  Having been in the Arizona Security business for over twenty years now, as a client receiving contract guard services, and as an employee of a contract Security company, I've seen a great deal of sub-par training and operations.  ASP is definitely the cream of the crop, and I was so impressed, with everything I saw.  More to the point, your training style, broad knowledge, of a wide range of topics, and delivery is exceptional, and it was crystal clear, that you are a true professional and gentleman, with a tremendous amount of zeal, for your job and chosen profession.  Thank you again, John, continued good luck to you, sir, and maybe our paths will cross again.  Take care.

Steve Cantor
[Member ASIS]
11 August, 2010

Dear Jim Harter,
I just wanted to tell you that you guys saved my life.  When I left class taught by your instructors, it changed my life.  I even changed my diet.  I am now better aware of how things can go wrong very quickly and now possess the skills to do something about it, while using what I was taught.  If you guys needed a cheerleader, I would be your 300lb cheerleader.  I loved it...loved it.  I thought I was a bad ass, until you all proved me wrong and showed me what I did not know.  WOW...WOW"
Thank you,
Marcial Rodriquez
[Graduate Helix Tactical Security Guard Academy]

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    If you want to put your life and job skills in the hands of someone who does not even feel confident in the value of their training and price is all that matters to you, please look elsewhere for training. NTS Tactical is only looking for students who value the training they receive and are willing to pay for quality training with a 100% money back guarantee in writing. If you are unhappy with any training class NTS Tactical trains you on and HELIX Tactical can’t make it right you get a full refund.
    We are committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies in our training to all of our clients based on an agencies Standard Operating Procedures and limiting officer and agency liabilities and injuries. Our services are always tailored to your unique needs and will be customized to each operators personal skill set and physical abilities and equipment. We provide risk management, officer development, firearms training, defensive tactics solutions, handcuffing, pepper spray and Taser instruction at all levels. Our fees are an investment into your safety, reduced liability and to advance your career.
    16 hour State of Arizona Security Guard Training Class $129.00

    State of Arizona 16 hour Security Guard Training Course. This course covers all State of Arizona required topics. Includes all paperwork, photographs and fingerprints. Does not include State of Arizona Fee’s What to bring: Students taking armed class need to bring with them the following to attend class: Proper Duty Weapon At least 100 rounds of ammunition Proper Duty Holster At least 2 magazines and proper magazine pouch Hat with brim Water or fluids to stay hydrated No open toed shoes of anykind Eye protection Ear protection Duty belts (if you have one) Body Armor (if you have it)

    8 Hour State of Arizona Armed Security Guard Refresher Training Class $79.00

    Students taking armed refresher class need to bring with them the following to attend class: At least 100 rounds of ammunition Proper Duty Holster At least 2 magazines and proper magazine pouch Hat with brim Water or fluids to stay hydrated No open toed shoes of any kind Eye protection Ear protection Duty belts (if you have one) Body Armor (if you have it)

    8 Hour State of Arizona Unarmed Security Guard Training Class $79.00

    8 Hour Unarmed Security Guard Class Includes State of Arizona Curriculum and much more. All paperwork, fingerprints and photographs are included. Does not include State of Arizona Fees Learn a life skill…anyone can occupy a seat in a classroom.

    8 Hour Law Enforcement, Security and Corrections Officers weapons disarms class $399.00 (payment plans available)

    This class is taught by a master in handgun disarms, John Nottingham, EPS, 6th degree Black Belt who served and taught Military Combatives in an Airborne Special Forces reserve unit. 100% percent satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with this class and NTS Tactical can’t make it right you will receive a full refund. Class hours are 0800-1700 hours please wear gym clothes.

     All classes require all State of Arizona required paperwork, fingerprints and photographs. Range fees are also included when applicable. We do not include ammo since each operator is using his/her own weapon and ammunition is a choice left to the Operator.
    NTS Tactical 100% satisfaction guaranteed. (Call for details) 602-896-8721 for more information.

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Free Martial Arts Training for Military Veterans is a network of Martial Arts schools that provide scholarships for veterans. It was founded in 2010 by Martial Artists with the desire to honor those who have served and help them cope with returning to civilian and family life.


Martial Arts for Veterans mission is to use provide free Martial Arts scholarships as a tool to welcome home veterans and honor them for serving our country and the cause of freedom. MAFV provides a safe haven for vets to gather, network and a physical outlet to help reintroduce men and women to civilian and family life. Through providing positive resources, encouragement, camaraderie, fitness and personal development, our sponsors work to serve veterans in managing the effects of wartime service on the mind, body and family.


Scholarships for martial arts training.

For sponsorship or donations contact

If you are a school owner and wish to be part of the MAFV network send email to

Martial Arts for Veterans

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