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VIPER Street Combat Personal Protection Self Defense

A Young John Nottingham Graduating Jump School "Airborne!"

Inspired by Special Forces
In the early 90s I developed a course called VIPER. It was born out of an experimental military combatives course I engineered and taught while a rookie serving in a Special Forces Reserve Unit. My unit encouraged me to use my martial arts teaching background to research and develop a quick learn hand to hand combat and hand to weapon combat course. I collaborated with a 7th Special Forces and 82nd Airborne combat veteran named Wes Infiesto (a remarkable Kajukenbo, Shinkendo and Aikido martial artist and later SWAT officer.) What started as a simple experiment to liven up and functionalize Army PT (physical training) sessions turned into much more.

The research lead me to Krav Maga, Sambo, Systema, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Chu Fen Do (Coach Tony Blauers system), Jeet Kune Do as well as Paul Vunak and many more. It was a phenomenal starting point for research and development.

Tested, Tested, Tested Again - No Sacred Cows in Self Defense
When tested, the lessons learned lead to radical changes the direction of my research, teaching and career. We had to reverse engineer the process and question everything my team and I had ever been taught. I owe that to the encouragement of my mentors - many of whom were veteran Army Rangers, Military Intelligence Agents and Special Forces instructors. It was an ignition point that altered my trajectory, now twenty plus years later of doing this research and teaching. I took those lessons and that direction, along with my experience teaching thousands of men, women and children and applied the concepts to civilian personal protection use. Integrating bodyguard tactics, it became VIPER - a different approach to self defense.

VIPER STREET COMBAT - Not Really "Self Defense"
Why VIPER? Mostly it was born out of my poking fun at the tough names of some of the other fighting and self defense courses on the market. SCARS was one of the biggest programs going at the time and gaining much notoriety for having been a test program for Naval Special Warfare (NAVY SEALS BUDS).

For those of us with Military backgrounds we often have an affinity for acronyms. It's a helpful way of remembering things and was a convenient way to package something that was a self defense (personal protection) system I consider unique. The name VIPER also was fitting due to the nature of a vipers natural protective mechanisms.

Survival Training Force Options - A Different Kind of Street Self Defense
VIPER stands for Violence Interdiction Personal Evolutionary Responses. The foundation of the program is to use strategy, fear management and innate survival mechanisms to increase effectiveness in identifying, preventing, thwarting and intervening in would-be violent encounters. It is a rapid learn last resort safety self defense system designed for reality based self defense for todays streets.

It's About Results - Not About Symbolism, Style or Show
Rather than having the focus of most systems, technique, VIPER emphasized results. It doesn't matter what you know or don't know. It doesn't matter how stylized or pretty it is. What counts is using whatever assets, means and abilities to change the context of the situation to put the odds in the clients favor. Objective? To have the peace of mind that comes from the confidence that one is equipped to survive and go home to one's family.

It Doesn't Matter What You Know - It Only Matters What You Do
It only matters how well you could manage a simulated violent crime encounter. It also had to be highly adaptive to address individual physical, emotional or mental limitations. Some clients simply do not have the athleticism to bring to bear that many MMA or Martial Arts trainers adapting their skills to a self defense context often provide. It had to work for clients even if they are out of shape. It had to be real in every sense of an individuals lifestyle, and have efficacy throughout ones life.

Context driven, mission specific training
If we do our job, the client experiences a remarkable leap in confidence, skill and ability to prevent, deter and de-escalate what would be the most violent 4-6 seconds of his or her life. What my team and I became really good at was doing it safely in a way that empowers people rather than intimidates individuals. Each of our training courses are tailored to the individuals or organizations in which they would use it.

VIPER Personal Protection - Think Like a Bodyguard
The VIPER STREET COMBAT name was a way of separating it from reactionary, defensive mindset so-called self defense courses out there. I have since elected to use VIPER STREET COMBAT to describe a sample video product promoted through TRS & The full course is a hands-on, classroom and interactive scenario based live training event we refer to as VIPER Personal Protection. VIPER Personal Protection integrates the same strategies we teach to bodyguards and law enforcement to predict potentially violent situations as well as being one step ahead of a potential attacker.

It is not designed to teach individuals how to fight, rather it is designed to teach individuals how to avoid, disrupt and derail a criminal attack. While intensely effective physical intervention skills are taught, they are only used as a last resort to neutralize danger and create a window of opportunity for escape.

Research on Self Defense & Defensive Tactics
My team and I continually research and push to innovate, develop and test the cutting edge methods to offer our students effective problem solving options. Our archives of hundreds of scenarios, video crime footage, news articles and other research continues to guide our work. I collaborate with a team of experts including one of my top students Instructor Don Gray, an Iraq War veteran formerly with the 82 Airborne who is a Modern Army Combatives instructor. (Admittedly, I'm really proud of him and hope you'll get a chance to work with him - he's extraordinary.) Our collaboration provides us with the ability to offer non-traditional insights, advice and solutions to clients looking to get an advantage and stay safe.

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants
I've been very blessed to have studied from and researched some of the leading minds in this field and taught thousands of students around the world. From Coach Tony Blauer, Sigung Paul Vunak, Mr. Gavin de Becker, my Special Forces mentors and my loyal students and clients (from whom I learn from every day), my path is certainly unique. I don't mention those names with the intention of namedropping for vicarious fame by association, rather to accurately acknowledge their influence on my work and to give proper credit where credit is due.

Heaven knows I've tested some crazy marketing and cheesy ads out there but anyone who knows or has worked with me knows how seriously I take giving credit and acknowledging my teachers and the pioneers who advance the cause of protection.

It is their generosity in sharing rather than judgmentally comparing that inspired and encouraged my growth over these past 25 plus years. I hope to be able to share some of our research and findings with you one day. If you are a trainer, I consider you part of the team and the solution our world despirately needs. It would be an honor to collaborate with you and share our findings to continually equip the good guys with the skills they need to succeed and build a more peaceful world.

Rapid Learn Strategic Self Defense Course Integrating Highly Potent Physical Intervention Survival Skills, Fear Management, and Protective Studies Through Classroom Education and Scenario-based Immersion Training.

Self Defense Personal Protection for Women -Bodyguard Strategies for Brains Over Brawn

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Eight Signs of Terrorism Arizona Law Enforcement and Dept. of Homeland Security

Eight Signs of Terrorism
Arizona Law Enforcement and the Dept. of Homeland Security

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Since September 11, 2001, local, state and federal law enforcement and public safety agencies throughout the U.S. have been working with American citizens and residents to keep our country safe from the threats of foreign and domestic terrorism.

In October 2004, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano opened the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC) as the state's central analysis hub for real-time crime and terrorism-related intelligence and information. Today, the ACTIC is staffed with more than 200 detectives, special agents, analysts and other personnel representing 34 state, local and federal agencies. ACTIC was the first state fusion center to include complete integration of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Joint Terrorism Task Force. Today, the ACTIC is recognized as one of the leading state-level law enforcement and public safety "fusion centers" in the country.
However, the agencies and investigators who are part of the ACTIC rely heavily on information from the public to generate investigative leads and to prevent future attacks.YOU are the first line of defense against terrorist acts.
To help you and people like you be vigilant, the ACTIC, in conjunction with the City of Phoenix Fire Department, created a special video seminar, "8 SIGNS OF TERRORISM," to help members of the community, as well as local law enforcement and public safety officers, to better identify suspicious activities that could be related to terrorism.
Watching the following videos will not take much of your time, but could help you to identify and report acts you encounter in everyday life that may be related to ongoing terrorism operations right here in Arizona.
What you learn here could help to keep you, your family, your community and our state safe from the threat of foreign or domestic terrorism.

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