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Separate Fantasy from Fact in Defensive Tactics and Survive

Separate Fantasy from Fact in Defensive Tactics

Your Survival Could Depend On It
By John D. Nottingham, EPS, PI, 6th Dan
One of the key difference in my approach and methodology in training military, law enforcement, security, first responders or individuals is that I am less technique focused. Thousands of hours of research and watching scenarios and actual footage of assaults clearly shows that technique is of less importance than the will to act, the approach to using physical intervention and the strategy in which it is implemented.
The elderly woman who sticks her thumb in the eye of her attacker isn’t doing a technique in the classical sense that most athletes, martial artists and DT trainers would have you believe is key. The eye gouge isn’t a technique in my book. It is a tactic based on an available vulnerable target. Her mechanical approach to gouging the eyeball isn’t as important as the fact that she actually created a traumatic injury. So much for YouTube learned Kung Fu-lery snake technique death touch.
It’s not what you do. It’s how you approach what you do. Are you spending all your time discussing the better mouse-trap or are you dealing with the rodent problem?

In this article I will share a key element to increasing officer/individual effectiveness in a short period of time. My goal is not to teach a martial art “style” or a particular collection of favorite “moves”. A bit of research will reveal that is in fact the majority of what is out there – “tricks”. Although that is highly popular and what sells, it has less do do with actual ability to protect one’s self than most realize. What is entertaining is not necessarily what is most effective.
My advice is not based on personal preference. Rather it is based on my professional recommendations for the mission, context, operator, environment and objectives of my clients.

My focus is to provide tools and experiences to alter belief system of the operator and adopt a mindset that lends itself to problem solving in a crisis situation. The goal is to have the brain recognize a particular reference point and from there be able to optimize a response with the tools, environment and context at hand.
This is usually done in the form of providing accurate information in conjunction with immersion training experiences to reinforce the concepts and principles. For example, we might set up a scenario for law enforcement that has them approaching a suspicious vehicle to make contact. We provide them with limited information and allow them to influence the context of the situation, or be influenced by the context of the situation.
In the end, each operator/agent is more readily able to prioritize the important survival information and separate out noise. They begin to make better, smarter decisions that enhance officer/individual safety and put the odds on the good guys side.
It all comes back to what my old Special Forces mentors taught me. Mindset, mindset, mindset. Where do you get it? Training, training, training.

John Nottingham is a Scottsdale Arizona based security training and protection specialist. His unique concepts have lead him to teach over 10,000 students in his career from all walks of life. He has dedicated himself to training those who protect others and create a more peaceful world.

The NTS Training Advantage

The NTS Advantage

Nottingham Training Systems [NTS] has helped thousands of people avoid millions of dollars in lawsuits and avoid serious bodily harm.
The NTS Advantage means that you don't have to face the greed machine of our litigious society alone.  Our programs are specifically designed to help you avoid compromising situations or effectively manage situations that escalate to violence.
The NTS ADVANTAGE puts over 370 years of collective field and training experience in your corner against the insurance company.
In 1955, our founders built the NTS mission based on simple principles . . .  Today these simple principles represent the foundation of the NTS Advantage:
  • It should be easy to get answers and help when you or your agency is at risk.
  • You should always be able to get a FREE training consultation.
  • Always put the client first
  • Always give honest advice about each case
  • Always return phone calls promptly
  • Work ethic

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NTS is the training firm selected to serve as advisors or subject matter experts to agencies and/or individuals from The US Army Special Forces, The US Air National Guard, DPS, Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa Police Departments, The Arizona Process Servers Association, ASP Security Professionals, HELIX TACTICAL, 4th Wall Television and Film Productions, as well as undisclosed clientèle for confidentiality reasons.  Media appearances of our trainers include international publications, ESPN2, Channels, 3, 5, 10, and 12 as well as in China and Korea.

AZ Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security and Military

Our Commitment to Arizona Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security & Military

Instructors Who Care.

We know that a serious injury or lawsuit can change your life.  We understand that there is no way to make someone whole, who has lost a loved one or suffered a significant trauma.  We see the pain suffered by our clients every day.  If you are a client of our firm, you are a part of our extended family.

Three Generations of Experience.

Our firm has championed the cause of military, law enforcement and first responders for three generations.  We bring the significant academic and professional accomplishments of a team of highly qualified experts to work on behalf of our clients.  We have a total of over 370 years of combined operational and training experience representing the needs of our agencies and individuals.

Work Ethic.

Our expert training staff works diligently with one goal in mind -- success for our clients.  Every employee in our firm gives 110% to getting the best possible result in each client’s' case.  Pursuing an appropriate training protocol on budget requires determination, patience, and perseverance.  These values drive our office.

Honest Advice About Your Case.

We will advise you, based on our knowledge, experience, and careful evaluation of all the relevant research, about the best way to proceed with your training.  You will always know our opinion, regarding the options that are available to you.

Expert Advice & Training.

Our instructors have experience of working with thousands of clients for first responders, and will use their expertise in pursuing your objectives.  Our entire expert training staff stays aware of the latest changes in Arizona law.  Everyone in our office works exclusively on helping "those who protect and serve" IE military, law enforcement, security, corrections and first responders.

Phone Calls Returned Promptly.

If you call our office, you will speak to someone who can answer your questions.  If your training director or expert assistant is not in, they will return your call or email promptly.

No Fee if You Aren't Thrilled With The Training.

We have always offered to work on a money back guarantee.  This means that if we do not produce the result you want, then you owe nothing for our professional services.
If your agency or are an individual who needs help, talk with an experienced trainer.  Please submit a simple, free and confidential consultation form now.
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Why We Win - Our Arizona Police and Security Training Qualifications

Why We Win Over Other Training Firms - Our Arizona Police and Security Training Qualifications

Our Arizona training firm, NTS, has championed the cause of those who serve and protect from military, special operations, law enforcement, security, bodyguards and first responders for three generations. Many people throughout Arizona and the rest of the United States are familiar with the warmth and professionalism generated by our defensive tactics and security self defense training firm. Since 1955, we have carried on the tradition of our founders in fighting for those who need training to stay safe in the service of others.  To us at NTS, protectors are heroes.  That is why our methods far exceed minimum POST standards and are considered higher education to train the trainer.  First get POST certified, then see us to take your skills to the next level.

Our training office brings the significant academic and professional accomplishments of highly qualified instructors to work on behalf of our clients. Our trainers have a combined total of over 370 years of experience serving the training objectives of local, state and federal individuals and agencies. We also are proud of our exceptional team of specialists, subject matter experts and other professionals all dedicated to the service of our clients.  Our team is comprised of highly experienced Military and Law Enforcement operators with Special Operations and/or Military Intelligence backgrounds. 

Many of our current clients were referred to our training firm by satisfied clients who we assisted in the past. Other trainers and even law enforcement officials have referred friends and family members to our office, confident that an extraordinary team of professionals would handle their needs.

However, the most important aspect of our firm is our commitment to our clientsYour mission and safety is paramount to us. Providing the best skills to avoid liability and bodily harm is our goal.

We understand the serious nature of the injuries that our clients can sustain. We are 100% committed to helping our clients avoid the difficult times that they might face. Every client is important to our office. In every case, we want to fight to achieve the best possible result.

If you or a loved one was employed by federal, state, county, or local law enforcement officers, and you believe that your training could improve to reduce your liability from excessive force or abuse of authority claims, it is important to talk with a TACTICAL MASTER TRAINER with experience in Arizona and federal police brutality and civil rights laws. Please submit a simple, free and confidential training consultation form now.

Get the NTS ADVANTAGE today.

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What Sets Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Apart?

What sets Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Apart?
1. NSAS are the trainers for other agencies and take both an academic as well as hands on approach to our profession.
2. Our team members have Military, Law Enforcement and unique backgrounds including Special Forces, Military Intelligence and Investigative experience.
3. Ongoing training and exceptionally high standards.  We pride ourselves in far exceeding other agencies recruiting and training requirements. 
4. Most of our team have held Top Secret Security Clearance, have advanced degrees and significant combat and protective experience.
5. Our team members have been decorated with honors and awards from offices as high as the President.
6. Training in such areas as Advanced Threat Assessment and Management, Investigations, First Aid, CPR including Pediatric and AED emergency medical procedures, ongoing random training and drug testing and more.  
7. Our team is trained to respond under stress when most others would fail.  Our military-grade protection skills give our professionals the ability to make crucial decisions, problem solve and take action in the most difficult situations.
8. Potential clients are encourage to compare our training programs, requirements, manuals and skills with other agencies.  We're confident that you'll be glad that you did.
9. Integrity, discretion, confidentiality and professionalism are ingrained values at Nottingham Sword & Shield Security.
10.  Our team is highly experienced in business and delicate matters of social etiquette.  You will never have to worry about our teams ego, unprofessional attitude or attempts at vicarious celebrity.  

Our operators are quiet, confident professionals who pride themselves on adding to our clients peace of mind.

o    Client inquiries
o    Resume's can be submitted here

Bodyguards: Executive Protection Services and Training Arizona

Nottingham Sword & Shield Security [NSAS] is a team of highly specialized professionals dedicated to serving our clients security needs ready to deploy anywhere in the world. Our company is made up of expert professionals of the highest moral standards; men and women of many backgrounds, all of whom have extensive law enforcement and or military service, primarily from Special Operations units such as Special Forces or SWAT. 

They will assess your needs, budgetary considerations, perform threat assessments and offer recommendations to enhance your security and peace of mind.   Our team is experienced in corporate high and low profile protection, international deployments and specialize in personal and asset protection. 

You can be confident that Nottingham Sword & Shield Security are among the very best at what they do because they are not only protective agents, but bodyguard, military, law enforcement trainers as well.  

As your personal bodyguard or executive bodyguard NSAS will provide the highest level of care and commitment.  NSAS also has committed partnerships with similar companies around the world to add logistics support to better serve our clients.

NSAS has capabilities to handle your every advanced security need with discretion and professional confidentiality.  From advisement, training, planning stages of personal security details to close protective high and low profile details for high ranking corporate executives, as well as government dignitaries, Nottingham Sword & Shield Security is prepared to efficiently facilitate your goals.