Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bodyguard Training Academy - Security Services Job Training

Scottsdale Bodyguard Training Academy
Providing Training for Bodyguards and Close Protective Security Specialists

Executive and close protection security training for entry level professionals seeking a career in the protective fields as a bodyguard or close protection specialist.

What is the difference between security guards, bouncers, police, a doorman and a bodyguard?
The difference between bouncers, ex-soldiers, law enforcement, security and coolers from professional bodyguards is training.  Executive and close protection specialists are leaders with unique skill sets that include: client service, communications, physical intervention skills, predictive, organization and strong leadership.

What will I learn at Bodyguard Training Academy?

Scottsdale Bodyguard Training Academy
  • Advanced Threat Assessment
  • Low profile and high profile protective strategies
  • Verbal Judo & Tactical Communications
  • Powers to Arrest & The Law
  • Surveillance  
  • Conducting professional security surveys and the advance
  • Hand to hand physical intervention
  • Hand to weapon physical intervention
  • Intelligence-based protective strategies
  • Weapons of opportunity
  • Advanced tactical handgun
  • Body armor and tools of the trade
  • Classroom and hands on scenario training
  • Team formations & Evacuation drills
  • Negotiating pay and marketing your services for success
Our cadre includes experienced instructors with military, law enforcement and special operations backgrounds.  From combat veterans, military intelligence, Martial Arts Masters, advanced NRA instructors, you will draw upon each instructors unique skill set.

Top graduates will receive a letter of recommendation for immediate team placement.  All graduates receive an official certificate of completion to verify specialized training.

100% money back guarantee.

Inquire now about the next course date and receive "10 Traits Team Leaders Look For In Hiring Bodyguards".

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