Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Passengers Subdue Airline Passenger Shouting "Alah is Great" on Continental Flight To Houston


According to reports, a passenger on a Continental Airlines refused to follow the rules given by a flight attendant.  Passengers assisted the flight crew in subduing the man until the plane landed and he was handed over to government agents.

Sources say that the airline attendant instructed him that he was not allowed to smoke an electronic cigarette on the plane. He became agitated and unruly.

Responsible Citizens, Alert, and Accepting of Reality, Are The True First Responders. When we decide that doing something positive is a better course of action than doing nothing and allowing evil to run it's course.

Without hesitation, passengers took action to support the flight attendant showing once again the power of an alert and aware public. It goes to show the power of a collective community who accepts life's risks and realities, including the need to take action to protect ourselves and others.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. " - Edmund Burke

I hope this shines as an example of the power of a culture ready to accept life's risks and live with confidence and a set of values that stand for freedom, liberty and looking out for one another.

1. Never doubt the power of alert determined people whom are willing to take action.  Note that they did not wait or abdicate their roles of responders.
2. Those who resist and refuse to be victims almost always increase likelihood of survival and thwart the attack.
3. It doesn't take special skills, weapons or knowledge to defend yourself.  Those things can significantly help, but play a secondary role to the will and determination to act and use our innate survival skills.  (Good training gives more peace of mind and options.)
4. Cooperation and communication are powerful force multipliers and offer significant advantage.
5. Stories like this can inspire others and help create a hero culture rather than a victim culture.  Despite the numerous media messages to the contrary, you do not have to believe the view that you are a victim in need of a new government agency to protect you.  Our security can come from our taking responsibility, trusting our intuition, willingness to take action and defend what we love... including our way of life.  
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave,

John Nottingham, PI, EPS, 6th Dan, PFS/DOM
Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix

About John Nottingham
JOHN NOTTINGHAM, PI, EPS – Since 1989 John Nottingham has trained law enforcement, military, men, women and children various forms of self-protection. John discovered for every tragic abduction, or attack there are people who escaped. Bodyguard, law enforcement, military trainer and Martial Arts Master John Nottingham set began a quest to learn what specific thoughts and actions helped each adult and child escape from their kidnappers. GOOD MORNING ARIZONA, Channel 12 Safety Team, and others invited John on their show to share his unique approach to personal safety, security, self defense and conflict avoidance. An Eagle Scout, Army Airborne Veteran, and Martial Arts Master, from bullying prevention to abduction options and learning to be your own bodyguard, John is an internationally respected specialist.
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