Thursday, February 14, 2013

How To Survive School or Workplace Shooting Training Event in Phoenix

Security Instructor offers school faculty and Phoenix citizens a training session

By Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Staff - | email

Phoenix Valley teachers and some lucky citizens will get some life saving training and have an extra layer of protection should they come up against a dangerous intruder in their schools.
Nottingham Sword & Shield Security and USA Martial Arts in Phoenix will host a unique training session just for school faculty. It will help them have options when dealing with critical situations, like an armed intruder or active shooter in schools.
They will learn techniques to thwart and derail an attack, teaching them effective bodyguard strategies and simple techniques they can use if they ever have an attack at school or workplace.
"Instead of simply acting like a victim and waiting to be executed, we train people to see survival options,'" said bodyguard trainer John Nottingham. "Once they've been through at least one class, if they they leave with practical options of simple steps to do."
The one time, one day course is limited to the first 12 teachers who sign up. Call USA Martial Arts to sign up: (602) 896-8721.

More info or sign up here:

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