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How To Select a Security Training Company for AZ DPS Licensing as an Armed or Unarmed Guard?

How Do You Select a Security Training Company for AZ DPS Licensing as an Armed or Unarmed Guard?

How Do Most People Find Guard Certification Training?
Surveying students as they come through our AZ Guard Card Certification classes has revealed some interesting facts.  When asked why most of the students chose a particular company, many reply that it was an internet search that landed them on a particular website.  The others usually reply that they were referred to us from professionals in the field, agencies and other organizations.  Most of the participants are seeking employment, recertification (annual refresher training required by Arizona DPS) or looking for a different experience than previous training.

"Beyond the basic Guard Card Class"

Top Rated Reviews and High Scoring Surveys
When I first as assigned the job of teaching the AZ State mandated 8 or 16 hour guard certification training class my goal was to create a great training experience for the participants and give them the best opportunity to acquire employment or advance in the security industry.  At the time I was contracted to teach at HELIX TACTICAL, a division of ASP.

Reviewing past class exit surveys was one of my top priorities and the results were impressive.  Of the course reviews, ALL of them stated that the course either exceeded expectations or rated it "outstanding" in their opinion.  That's a pretty impressive track record and a credit to the previous ASP cadre of instructors (including its owner Chief Jim Harter). They were also some big shoes to fill, but I knew my specialties could ad a new dimension to the course.  Our team teaching approach ads something unique, interesting and useful from each of our specialties and experience.

Since that time my firm has made even more improvements and gone even more beyond the basic State requirements.

*  Interactive video and real world examples and demonstrations
*  Hands on training that helps more people learn, use and retain skills
*  Practical tactical skills that translate into more effectiveness in the field and respect on the job
*  Higher standards to increase the likelihood of being hired or promoted because of the requirements and reputation of the NTS/NSAS training quality
*  Valuable tips and advice on getting hired and promoted in the rapidly expanding security industry
*  Special guest subject matter experts such as UFC Champ and Hall of Famer Dan "The Beast" Severn-wrestling, mixed martial arts and no holds barred fighting legend.  In fact a recent training with Dan Severn was offered free of charge to former clients...  Just one more reason to choose NSAS.

NSAS students comments and input continue to shape the courses.  From now doing more interactive training, learning important liability reduction, security surveying, tactical communication skills (and even a bit of executive protection tips) the students stay interested and engaged.  It also allows us to preview some of the courses we offer at NSAS for clients continued and advanced education.

In addition Nottingham Sword & Shield Arizona offers several convenient locations which feature:
*  Convenient training campuses off the freeway in East and West Valley/North Phoenix
*  Designated professional classrooms
*  2" Swain MMA mats to improve safety and comfort
*  Full snack bar with refreshments, JS NITRO supplements, coffee, tea and soda
*  Police, Military, Law enforcement supplies including hand cuffs, tactical flashlights, batons, retention holsters, pistol/duty belts, pepper spray, TASER, Shirts and brands such as Bianchi, UnderArmour, Fobus, Blackhawk, 5.11 Tactical, Safariland, ASP, Winchester, and Peerless
* Comfortable individual desk tables
* Easy to read Powerpoint presentations, handouts with integrated up to date video and sound
* Fingerprinting station, instant photos

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Sample courses:

  • Patrol Tactics, Contacts and Tactical Communication for control and limiting liability.
  • Cuffing Course: Restrain, Secure, Maintain
  • Weapon retention
  • Officer Survival including debunking commonly held myths that get officers killed in the field
  • OC Pepper Spray
  • Tactical Communication
  • Advanced Threat Assessment
  • Security Reports
  • CCW 
  • Advanced Handgun
  • Advanced Carbine
  • Executive Protection
  • Ground Survival - Neutralizing modern MMA tactics
Contact Information

North Phoenix Scottsdale Paradise Valley Area Center
SW Corner of Tatum & Greenway
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 10
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
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