Friday, September 17, 2010

New Unconventional Approach to Women's Self Defense

Is this how you feel about most conventional women's self defense training? Hit Like a Girl agrees and is doing something about it. They want you to question everything you have ever been taught about women's self defense by teaching you how bodyguards protect their clients.
+ HIT LIKE A GIRL: Women's Self Defense Seminars (The ABC's of Self Defense)

Hit Like a Girl is more than just a cool T-shirt slogan. It's a brand that women will be hearing more of as word continues to spread. Headquartered in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona with branches in Texas, Wisconsin, Utah, and Washington, Hit Like a Girl's brand of Self Defense is catching on.

This isn't your Momma's self defense program at the local YMCA or corner Karate Dojo. In fact, the instructors will tell you that their advice flies in the face of conventional wisdom. You won't be hearing failed self defense advice such as "be aware of your surroundings" or "you can be attacked anywhere- at anytime" unless it's to dispell those commonly held myths. Nor will you be hearing a hard sales pitch on the latest gadget like most self defense trainers do. With the HLG Team, you will be given tools that successfully help protect celebrities and would normally cost thousands to learn.

Our Goal...

is to teach bodyguard security skills to women in a fun, supportive atmosphere that fosters a sense of empowerment and awareness. It is entertaining, safe and rewarding. Plus a portion of proceeds are donated to charity.

Self Defense Foundations From Proven Security Strategies

The core of HIT LIKE A GIRL Women's Self Defense Training is Gavin de Becker's methods of protection. Graduates of Gavin's Academy for Protectors, it's founders incorporate unique protective strategies used to secure celebrity and VIP clients from one of the world's leading firms.

Here is the worlds leading expert on self defense and predicting violence on one of many of his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Rather than a typical womens empowerment self defense seminar model, Hit Like a Girl teaches women and teens professional bodyguard tools and tactics to think like a protective security agent. The instructors share the information in a professional, relaxing manner that puts participants at ease and uses a healthy dose of humor.

Citing real life examples and success stories, women often find that they have more power and options than they have often been lead to believe. Each event is tailored to the individual or group based on risk factors. The training events can range home parties, office parties, to keynote speaking and corporate training.

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Detailed Info


Company Overview:

Hit Like a Girl home and office parties were founded by two dedicated Bodyguards and Black Belt Martial Arts instructors. HLG presents unique strategies for personal security in new, entertaining and an enjoyable manner.


Fun Empowerment of Women with Bodyguard Strategies for Personal Protection, Peace of Mind emphasizing Brains Over Brawn. Empower Yourself with Peace of Mind Our Women's Only Self Defense Series is a great way to give you the edge in personal protection – all in a comfortable, safe training environment. Come in and let our staff pamper you while we teach you effective personal safety skills. Products:

Training Seminars, Home Parties, Books, Tasers, Pepper Spray, and Personal Security Strategies for a Bodyguard's Version of Women's Self Defense

Training Classes: Tasers, Kubotan Self Defense Keychains, Mace, Pepper Spray, Krav Maga, CCW, hanguns, dogs, weapons of opportunity, stalking stalkers, verbal judo, locks and training for mental awareness and intuition for self defense.

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Telephone 602-896-8721

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