Thursday, September 2, 2010

Police Defensive Tactics and MMA Training for Law Enforcement of the Phoenix area

MMA for Law Enforcement
Police Defensive Tactics and Mixed Martial Arts Training for Law Enforcement of the Phoenix area
Safe-haven for Police offers high level training at low cost to cops

Law enforcement have special needs.  From the unique abuse their minds and bodies sustain in the line of duty to scheduling, privacy issues in training, to the specific procedures for use of force.

A new facility in Phoenix is has a program specifically designed for law enforcement.  NTS Tactical is located at Greenway and Tatum roads in Phoenix, just South of the 101.  The brand new facility features a fully matted training floor, heavy bags, shields, a tactical store, large projection screen, classroom and much more.  The facility is also located near several shooting ranges to provide unprecedented access and opportunity for training.  NTS Tactical has two campuses including Phoenix and Tempe locations.

NTS Tactical has partnered with a team of world-class experts to provide unprecedented access and education for training.  From UFC Champ and MMA Legend Dan "The Beast" Severn to the Machados, Frank Shamrock, the Gracies, Navy SEAL trainer Paul Vunak (protege of Dan Inosanto) and others, the team is as diverse as it is experienced.

NTS believes that it is important to not only have DT skills that are proven to work in the field, but have a good working knowledge of the skills being used by subjects in the streets.

With the popularity of such events as the UFC, that awareness of potential types of attacks means that officers have to be at least familiar with MMA (Mixed Martial Arts.)  Some also want to learn it as a means to stay in shape and condition the body, mind, reflexes and develop camaraderie while reducing the stress of the job.

For it's Grand Opening, NTS Tactical hired UFC Hall of Famer Dan "The Beast" Severn to teach a Defensive Tactics course at no charge for law enforcement.  According to Director of Training John Nottingham, "This is one of many events we will be hosting for training first responders.  Our goal was to honor law enforcement and show them the importance of good, ongoing training with subject matter experts.  It's not enough to know the minimum for the job."

NTS Tactical also trains military, security, and first responders.  The team provides mission specific, context driven solutions, scenario based training, adrenal stress conditioning, stress inoculation training, as well as advanced education not found other places.

Officers can take advantage of

  • Individual training programs
  • Seminars
  • Semi-private training
  • On site or mobile

Police Officers can also enroll in a traditional, modern, grappling, fitness or MMA program for just $49 a month right now as part of the Grand Opening special.  Punch card or monthly payment options make it convenient without having to sign a long term health club style contract.

Upcoming Courses
Officer Patrol Tactics
Ground Skills
Weapon Retention
Officer Survival
Verbal Jiu-jitsu (NTS version of verbal judo with a kicker)
For a training calendar or more information click here

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