Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Attacks on Police Officers Rising, Over 60,000 Each Year

According to Fox News over 60,000 officers are attacked every year.  This results in roughly 16,000 injuries.
UFC Champ and Martial Arts Master Offer New Training Solutions  
  • 23% increase in Police Shootings in 2009.
  • Ambush shootings unprecedented
  • The most of any year since 1981
  • Multiple officers murdered.  Offenders shooting then moving in for the kill.
Defensive Tactics Instructor John Nottingham says, "It's time that Officers and their leadership begin to look at different training approaches.  If this isn't proof that things need to change, I don't know what they would need.  That's why my company is sponsoring different thinking and training from people like Dan "The Beast" Severn.  He's been doing no-holds-barred fighting for longer than most officers serve in a career."  
Warning: Video contains graphic images.

"Quite frankly, officers are being killed because of inadequate training.  It boils down to ignorance, arrogance and slow reaction time from leadership.  Typical government, they lag behind the times, often getting swayed into an over-reliance on technology and gear, rather than increasing training standards, time and testing.  They have lessons to learn from our successful soldiers in Iraq, Bodyguards and guys like Dan Severn who has put himself on the line in cages like the UFC.  The answers exist.  The question is this, is law enforcement ready and willing to embrace new ideas?  Some of the tactics they are doing is simply out-moded and it's catching up to them.  How many officers will needlessly die from avoidable encounters?  Nottingham Sword & Shield Security is proud to be part of the solution and sponsoring a free Defensive Tactics program to Illinois and Wisconsin Police Officers and Security.  

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UFC Champ Dedicates Police Training to Slain Police Officer Lt. Eric Shuhandler

Lt. Eric Shuhandler
UFC Hall of Famer Dan “The Beast” Severn and John Nottingham of Sword and Shield Security have dedicated an Officer Survival and MMA Defensive Tactics training seminar to recently slain Police Officer Lt. Eric Shuhandler.  Gilbert Arizona Officer Shuhandler stopped a truck for an obscured license plate and was moments later fatally shot once in the head.  Lt. Shuhandler was a family man, father of two, and a highly respected Police Officer.  A donation will be made to a memorial fund for his family from the training event.

Event Info:
UFC Champion and wrestling legend Dan Severn, alumni of Arizona State University, will conduct Modern MMA "The Dangerzone: Defensive Tactics" (DT) training for law enforcement including Police, Military, Security and those in protective services for two days in Antioch Illinois. All law enforcement invited.
DT is FREE to sworn officers. Sponsored by Nottingham Sword & Shield Security and USA Martial Arts. MMA is not sponsored and tuition applies.
Sponsor: Nottingham Sword&Shield Security [Free to LEO/LEA]
Location: USA Martial Arts Antioch across from Super Wal-Mart Route 173
Contact: Master Brian Van Patten/Inst. Dan Skrzypek USA Martial Arts 
Officer Eric Gugel Lindenhurst Police Department
Tuesday March 9th: 7:00-9:00pm DT
Wednesday March 10th: 4:30-6:30 DT
Autograph and Photo session included for those pre-registered. Attend one or both training days. Separate MMA seminars open to civilians and officers available for a fee.
USA Martial Arts Academy of Antioch Illinois
22221 W IL Rte 173, Antioch IL 60002
Tel.: 1-847-838-0605

For direct donations to Lieutenant Eric Shuhandler's memorial fund:
Wells Fargo Bank Memorial Fund Account: 1359531975

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