Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Color Codes of Awareness for Developing a Combat Fighting Mindset

Security [Self Defense] Mindset part 4

One technique for a self-defense / security mindset used by soldiers, special agents, bodyguards, and law-enforcement personnel whom have to perform effectively under duress.  The "Combat" mindset technique heightens your awareness and allows you to see potential threats to your safety ahead of time.  Thus, it provides a window of opportunity to prepare for or prevent potential conflict.

John Dean “Jeff” Cooper, a Marine Lieutenant Colonel who served in both WWII, and the Korean War, is widely respected for his modernizing firearm for personal protection training.  He popularized a method of developing awareness called Color Codes of Awareness, or what we refer to as levels or states of alertness.

  • White - unaware, not paying attention
  • Yellow - attentive, but relaxed and not in denial
  • Orange - focus is directed, there is an immediate specific potential threat
  • Red - there is a definitive threat, fully engaged. Your mental trigger (established back in Condition Orange) has been initiated. If "X" happens I will act. 
Other variations exist including colors green, blue and black, but the concept is relatively the same.  They key to using them is integrating this into daily life and, for professionals, operational readiness.

Homeland Security Advisory SystemMany are now familiar with the US Department of Homeland Security Advisory system.   According to the USDHS at http://www.dhs.gov, Color-coded Threat Level System is used to communicate with public safety officials and the public at-large through a threat-based, color-coded system so that protective measures can be implemented to reduce the likelihood or impact of an attack.”  To clarify the difference, the government model responds to an estimated amount of danger to which Americans are exposed to at a specific time.  The Cooper model is designed to describe ones individual state of mind to take action on potential threats.

One of the exercises we have our training clients execute is to integrate a levels of awareness system with a flowchart for action, or what many from military and law enforcement backgrounds call rules of engagement.  This becomes part of a personal safety plan or professional SOP to increase effectiveness in the field, reduce response time and trigger action plans. 

Again, the key to efficacy, and where our firm stands out, is the implementation of these concepts under stress so that they can be efficient and effective when it most counts. 

In the next article I will discuss nature’s model for survival and how it relates to your personal security and self defense mindset.  
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John Nottingham, EPS is a graduate of Bodyguard Training International / USA Bodyguards.  He was trained at Gavin De Becker Academy for Protectors and in Advanced Threat Assessment and Management.  A Sixth Degree multiple Black Belt holder he served in a Special Forces Airborne reserve unit as a Military Intelligence Analyst.  He is the founder of Nottingham Training Systems, Nottingham Security and the USA Martial Arts chain of schools. 

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