Monday, February 22, 2010

Oprah said, "Be Aware"... But That's a Dangerous Lie and We Proved it

The Security & Self Defense Mindset Part III
We’ve all heard it.  It’s on the news and on every caution givers lips from parents to partners and your local law enforcement officer, “Be Aware”.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an industry with so many self proclaimed experts who were downright shoddy and incompetent than the self defense and security fields.  That’s just one reason my company set out to do something about it. 

Oprah said “Be aware”
“Be aware” is a self defense myth that has been around for years.  Propagated by often well-intentioned media sources, so-called self defense experts and ill informed do-gooders, our research revealed the lie in this self defense myth.  My team of Self Defense Mythbusters have dedicated years to challenging widely held beliefs, confirming all but a few, shattering the dangerous distortions of most.  This is one of the most fundamental.  Fortunately, thank God, Oprah eventually brought on my teacher Gavin de Becker, author of The Gift of Fearto reveal the truth about intuition and self defense.  In doing so, she gave wide exposure to some of the best advice I have ever seen presented on the subject.
The good news is that the truth will set you free.

Our documented footage reveals that ‘be aware’ is something all of our clients would tell you they were trying to do but, the fatal flaw is that they couldn't use this idea when the time came to use it.  They enter the scenario, their heart rate soars, they become hyper vigilant, eyes widen, body tenses, and they miss critical cues and basic solutions.  

This is the gap we see again and again in most training; 
the illusion that education is the same as knowledge 
and knowledge is the same as ability.  

The idea of “being aware” seems also irreconcilable with use on the street without training or knowledge of what specifically to identify. It just seems to ad stress from an omnipresent, “could come from anywhere, anytime” unnamed threat. Who could live with constant stress like that anyway? It’s not practical nor is it healthy to be paranoid and stressed out. In our view, “being aware” is merely a thing people tell themselves as an emotional pacifier, perhaps inadvertently distracting their God-given survival signals that actually could alert them to real danger.

  That is why my company mission emphasizes enhancing peace-of-mind to our clients so they can separate true fear from unwarranted fear and live life with joy and freedom from mental terror.

Even our clients know they are entering a scenario where they will have to be aware, it is nothing more than a word until they are conditioned to know and use several things:

1. What specifically to look for, how criminals or the other guy operates
2. How to manage the body’s natural response to potential threats, fear and stress and the ability to know the difference between warranted fear and unwarranted fear.
3. How to process and prioritize large amounts of information in a short period of time.
4. Knowing when and where to heighten alertness
5. Having accurate information and the awareness of assets and liabilities (one’s true capabilities) in a given situation
6. Understanding context

In essence, all of our clients were all intelligent enough to know they should be aware but this information is of little to no consequence in crunch time.  My company specializes in bridging that gap and assisting individuals in bringing to bear the skills they already possess or ad into their personal toolbox of options.

In the next article I will address a technique for a self defense / security mindset used by soldiers, special agents, bodyguards, and law-enforcement personnel whom have to perform effectively under duress.  The mindset technique heightens your awareness and allows you to see potential threats to your safety ahead of time.  Thus, providing a window of opportunity to prepare for or prevent potential conflict.

Nottingham Sword & Shield Security provides on or off site training.  Unique Security Services and Self Defense Training nationwide including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Phoenix Arizona areas.  This information provided in cooperation with: John Nottingham's USA Martial Arts Scottsdale PV Phoenix, Nottingham Sword&Shield; Security and Hit Like a Girl Self Defense Personal Security Training



John Nottingham, EPS is a graduate of Bodyguard Training International / USA Bodyguards.  He was trained at Gavin De Becker Academy for Protectors and in Advanced Threat Assessment and Management.  A Sixth Degree multiple Black Belt holder he served in a Special Forces Airborne reserve unit as a Military Intelligence Analyst.  He is the founder of Nottingham Training Systems, Nottingham Security and the USA Martial Arts chain of schools. 

The Firm

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