Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Natures Lessons on Self Defense Security and Survival

Self Defense Lessons On Display All Around Us
Self-Defense Security “The Combat” Mindset Part 5

Turn on Animal Planet or Discovery, National Geographic channels for some of the best survival models available.  Nature provides us with various proven successful and failed strategies and techniques for hunting, protecting young, survival, evasion and escape
Nature offers poignant lessons for self defense and security that directly translate into self defense and security solutions for men, women, children and even companies.  How we behave, establish patterns, negotiate distances, present ourselves, travel, communicate, position ourselves, and evaluate situations directly impact our vulnerability and options

Predators select easy targets or what we in the security profession refer to as “soft targets”.  That is the sick, weak, slow, unaware, easily coaxed or isolated.  Human predators also seek targets of opportunity who present themselves in a vulnerable context, oblivious, perceived as weak, distracted, alone or susceptibly defenseless.  Individuals who deny reality and personal responsibility, dismissing key survival signals and instincts are among the most vulnerable

The simple, but sometimes not easy, act of acknowledging that we are each part of nature as humans and have an innate responsibility to use our God-given abilities and instincts goes a long way in personal security and self-defense.    

For this reason, it’s necessary to arm yourself with a mindset that can help you remain alert to potential threats at key times and be able to intelligently respond should you encounter with one.  That mindset begins with taking personal responsibility.  It is not security or law enforcements job to protect you as your personal bodyguard – it is ultimately your responsibility as a human. 

In the next article I’ll reveal one of the most potent self defense security lessons I learned from training with one of the worlds leading self defense and violence experts (appointed by several Presidents and protects high profile celebrities you would recognize) that can alter the way you think, believe and live.

Nottingham Sword & Shield Security provides on or off site training.  Unique Security Services and Self Defense Training nationwide including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Phoenix Arizona areas.  This information provided in cooperation with: John Nottingham's USA Martial Arts Scottsdale PV Phoenix, Nottingham Sword&Shield; Security and Hit Like a Girl Self Defense Personal Security Training

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John Nottingham, EPS is a graduate of Bodyguard Training International / USA Bodyguards.  He was trained at Gavin De Becker Academy for Protectors and in Advanced Threat Assessment and Management.  A Sixth Degree multiple Black Belt holder he served in a Special Forces Airborne reserve unit as a Military Intelligence Analyst.  He is the founder of Nottingham Training Systems, Nottingham Security and the USA Martial Arts chain of schools. 

The Firm

NTS Nottingham Training Systems is a public and private sector consulting and training firm specializing in developing mission specific solutions for first responders, law enforcement, military, security and civilians.

Nottingham Sword&Shield Security is the Protective Division of LCI Inc. which provides security strategies and solutions to public and private clientele.   Nottingham Security serves and advises media figures, corporations, government agencies, police departments, universities, and at risk persons of situations that might escalate to violence.  Nottingham Security's capabilities include: individual, executive, family, children, event and mobile high and low profile protective services.

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