Friday, June 11, 2010

What Sets Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Apart?

What sets Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Apart?
1. NSAS are the trainers for other agencies and take both an academic as well as hands on approach to our profession.
2. Our team members have Military, Law Enforcement and unique backgrounds including Special Forces, Military Intelligence and Investigative experience.
3. Ongoing training and exceptionally high standards.  We pride ourselves in far exceeding other agencies recruiting and training requirements. 
4. Most of our team have held Top Secret Security Clearance, have advanced degrees and significant combat and protective experience.
5. Our team members have been decorated with honors and awards from offices as high as the President.
6. Training in such areas as Advanced Threat Assessment and Management, Investigations, First Aid, CPR including Pediatric and AED emergency medical procedures, ongoing random training and drug testing and more.  
7. Our team is trained to respond under stress when most others would fail.  Our military-grade protection skills give our professionals the ability to make crucial decisions, problem solve and take action in the most difficult situations.
8. Potential clients are encourage to compare our training programs, requirements, manuals and skills with other agencies.  We're confident that you'll be glad that you did.
9. Integrity, discretion, confidentiality and professionalism are ingrained values at Nottingham Sword & Shield Security.
10.  Our team is highly experienced in business and delicate matters of social etiquette.  You will never have to worry about our teams ego, unprofessional attitude or attempts at vicarious celebrity.  

Our operators are quiet, confident professionals who pride themselves on adding to our clients peace of mind.

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