Sunday, June 20, 2010

AZ Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security and Military

Our Commitment to Arizona Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security & Military

Instructors Who Care.

We know that a serious injury or lawsuit can change your life.  We understand that there is no way to make someone whole, who has lost a loved one or suffered a significant trauma.  We see the pain suffered by our clients every day.  If you are a client of our firm, you are a part of our extended family.

Three Generations of Experience.

Our firm has championed the cause of military, law enforcement and first responders for three generations.  We bring the significant academic and professional accomplishments of a team of highly qualified experts to work on behalf of our clients.  We have a total of over 370 years of combined operational and training experience representing the needs of our agencies and individuals.

Work Ethic.

Our expert training staff works diligently with one goal in mind -- success for our clients.  Every employee in our firm gives 110% to getting the best possible result in each client’s' case.  Pursuing an appropriate training protocol on budget requires determination, patience, and perseverance.  These values drive our office.

Honest Advice About Your Case.

We will advise you, based on our knowledge, experience, and careful evaluation of all the relevant research, about the best way to proceed with your training.  You will always know our opinion, regarding the options that are available to you.

Expert Advice & Training.

Our instructors have experience of working with thousands of clients for first responders, and will use their expertise in pursuing your objectives.  Our entire expert training staff stays aware of the latest changes in Arizona law.  Everyone in our office works exclusively on helping "those who protect and serve" IE military, law enforcement, security, corrections and first responders.

Phone Calls Returned Promptly.

If you call our office, you will speak to someone who can answer your questions.  If your training director or expert assistant is not in, they will return your call or email promptly.

No Fee if You Aren't Thrilled With The Training.

We have always offered to work on a money back guarantee.  This means that if we do not produce the result you want, then you owe nothing for our professional services.
If your agency or are an individual who needs help, talk with an experienced trainer.  Please submit a simple, free and confidential consultation form now.
Protect your self physically, mentally and financially.  Get the NTS Training Advantage today.

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