Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why We Win - Our Arizona Police and Security Training Qualifications

Why We Win Over Other Training Firms - Our Arizona Police and Security Training Qualifications

Our Arizona training firm, NTS, has championed the cause of those who serve and protect from military, special operations, law enforcement, security, bodyguards and first responders for three generations. Many people throughout Arizona and the rest of the United States are familiar with the warmth and professionalism generated by our defensive tactics and security self defense training firm. Since 1955, we have carried on the tradition of our founders in fighting for those who need training to stay safe in the service of others.  To us at NTS, protectors are heroes.  That is why our methods far exceed minimum POST standards and are considered higher education to train the trainer.  First get POST certified, then see us to take your skills to the next level.

Our training office brings the significant academic and professional accomplishments of highly qualified instructors to work on behalf of our clients. Our trainers have a combined total of over 370 years of experience serving the training objectives of local, state and federal individuals and agencies. We also are proud of our exceptional team of specialists, subject matter experts and other professionals all dedicated to the service of our clients.  Our team is comprised of highly experienced Military and Law Enforcement operators with Special Operations and/or Military Intelligence backgrounds. 

Many of our current clients were referred to our training firm by satisfied clients who we assisted in the past. Other trainers and even law enforcement officials have referred friends and family members to our office, confident that an extraordinary team of professionals would handle their needs.

However, the most important aspect of our firm is our commitment to our clientsYour mission and safety is paramount to us. Providing the best skills to avoid liability and bodily harm is our goal.

We understand the serious nature of the injuries that our clients can sustain. We are 100% committed to helping our clients avoid the difficult times that they might face. Every client is important to our office. In every case, we want to fight to achieve the best possible result.

If you or a loved one was employed by federal, state, county, or local law enforcement officers, and you believe that your training could improve to reduce your liability from excessive force or abuse of authority claims, it is important to talk with a TACTICAL MASTER TRAINER with experience in Arizona and federal police brutality and civil rights laws. Please submit a simple, free and confidential training consultation form now.

Get the NTS ADVANTAGE today.

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