Friday, June 11, 2010

Bodyguards: Executive Protection Services and Training Arizona

Nottingham Sword & Shield Security [NSAS] is a team of highly specialized professionals dedicated to serving our clients security needs ready to deploy anywhere in the world. Our company is made up of expert professionals of the highest moral standards; men and women of many backgrounds, all of whom have extensive law enforcement and or military service, primarily from Special Operations units such as Special Forces or SWAT. 

They will assess your needs, budgetary considerations, perform threat assessments and offer recommendations to enhance your security and peace of mind.   Our team is experienced in corporate high and low profile protection, international deployments and specialize in personal and asset protection. 

You can be confident that Nottingham Sword & Shield Security are among the very best at what they do because they are not only protective agents, but bodyguard, military, law enforcement trainers as well.  

As your personal bodyguard or executive bodyguard NSAS will provide the highest level of care and commitment.  NSAS also has committed partnerships with similar companies around the world to add logistics support to better serve our clients.

NSAS has capabilities to handle your every advanced security need with discretion and professional confidentiality.  From advisement, training, planning stages of personal security details to close protective high and low profile details for high ranking corporate executives, as well as government dignitaries, Nottingham Sword & Shield Security is prepared to efficiently facilitate your goals.

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  1. A bodyguard is a person hire to guide and protect another person. Bodyguard makes sure that his or her client stays safe by identifying possible dangers. This post is very helpful and I appreciate you sharing the info.
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