Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get a job in Security in Arizona

Looking for a Security Job in Arizona?

According to the U.S. Labor Statistics Investigation and Security industries indicate substantial growth for the next 15 years in both the public & private sectors.  

As an owner of a security agency in Arizona and a training director my perspective on getting a job in the Security field is unique.  I trust the following tips will help you navigate the hiring process and give you the edge in the sea of new applicants to the growing security fields.

Here are some tips on how to get hired:

1. Education
Education separates a stagnant individual from one who understands that advancement comes from being able to offer a company more.  

2. Training
Training demonstrates a level of commitment and is an indication of discipline, professionalism and work ethic.  Your training will also significantly influence your attitude, confidence and how you carry and conduct yourself.

3. Experience
Experience is an indication of ability and one's capacity for teamwork.  It is a good qualification because you've most likely already learned from your mistakes and will ultimately save the company that expense.

4. Research 
Research will equip you to align your personal resume, ability and objectives with that of the company.  You can better position yourself to solve a problem or meet a need of the company.  This will in turn put you in a better position from which to negotiate your pay and/or benefits.

5. Network
Networking gets you out there in the mix.  The security industry is growing, but as with any industry, it has an active core of people doing the majority of it.  Furthermore, you can increase your contacts, resources, determine specialties and can leverage those if the need arises.  One of the strongest influence hiring factors to recruiters is a referral from a trusted source.

6. Build your reputation
In time, you can build a network of trusted associates.  If you demonstrate yourself to be a trusted, competent professional and a pleasure to work with, you will certainly be presented with more opportunities.  The security industry frequently refers business or sub contracts services.

7. Get recommended

Some companies like ours might offer you a reference or letter of recommendation for placement.
No matter what your career goals in security you are wise to choose such a growing field. Well trained and experienced Security Professionals futures are very bright indeed. Even if you do not choose our company for training, do yourself a favor and choose wisely.

Best wishes and stay alert, safe and strong. In the end, we are all on the same team.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. In times of transition and uncertainty it’s nice to have help in your corner.

John D. Nottingham, PI, EPS
Director of Training
Owner Nottingham Sword & Shield Security

Member ASIS

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