Friday, May 28, 2010

What HELIX TACTICAL and AZ SECURITY PROS Say About John Nottingham

14 August 2010
"Master Nottingham is simply brilliant. Full of knowledge and wisdom. Committed beyond belief. I have the privledge of training with him as well as working with him. He will put you first every time. He has made me a better man!"  - Chief James Harter, owner of ASP (Arizona Security Professionals) and HELIX TACTICAL

“When I hear the name John Nottingham the first thing that comes to mind is Passion! Master Nottingham is one of the most dynamic individuals I have ever met. He is an EXPERT and he has INTEGRITY. John is the REAL DEAL and having him provide a big portion of my Health and Wellness Programs, John Nottingham has guided me to great heights inside and out. I would recommend with the highest regard all persons and families to experience Master Nottingham's training and personal guidance to a better you! I promise you will not be disappointed.” July 27, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Eddie Fischer
hired John as a Personal Trainer in 2009, and hired John more than once
“I first met John Nottingham in 1994. During that time, I've personally trained under him for 13 years as a student. As an instructor he works tirelessly with his students often times sacrificing his own personal time and resources. He does so gladly, with enthusiasm and the highest degree of integrity. In my professional career I've associated with thousands of people. I rank John Nottingham among the highest.” July 23, 2010
Phil BorgiaAgent, State Farm Insurance
was with another company when working with John at John Nottingham's USA Martial Arts
“Master John Nottingham is a very accomplished martial arts teacher with a strong will and determination to hone and perfect his craft while finding new techniques and fighting styles to incorporate into himself and his program.” July 23, 2010
Joseph GangiFilm Maker, Gangi Films
was a consultant or contractor to John at John Nottingham's USA Martial Arts

Anthony Miles“ Please accept my nomination for John Nottingham as Security Professional of the year.
My name is Anthony Miles. I have had the privilege of working with John Nottingham over the last 9 years. I must say that he is one of the very best security minded people I have ever come into contact with. His system for dealing with assessment of risk, removing yourself from danger and eliminating threat were ahead of their time when I first heard of them 8 years ago and are still out front of the wave. Nottingham's credentials are impeccable, he is a 6th Degree Black Belt and Senior Master Instructor, former Army Special Forces Airborne Ranger, where he tested and taught combatives at full speed with full force, which gave him the feedback needed to gain truth in conflict and develop a highly effective system.
Nottingham is a gifted teacher and is constantly continuing his educating and adjusts his approach based on real world risk based scenarios and ways to effectively eliminate threat. If you have not had the pleasure of being in one of Nottingham's VIPER Street Combat Training intensives, It will change you forever as it did for myself, my wife and everyone who I have seen go through the program. A version of his training system is listed on listed on the TRS Direct website. Although, I do not agree with how they present and market his materials in a very stylistic and quick gimmicky manner, Nottingham's systems are loaded with real, simple and easy to comprehend and use strategies and techniques for keeping yourself out of danger. His strategies for training make sure you have what you need in crisis.
Thanks you for your time and the consideration.
Best regards,
Anthony Miles
Owner 4th Wall TV & Film Productions





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