Friday, May 21, 2010

First week at new tactical training firm

John Nottingham, PI
Assistant Director of Training

The first week has been comprised mostly of getting familiar with goals, objectives and the direction of the team.  Conducting some research, I found most of the local firms who trained are highly specialized or don't offer much in the way of advanced training.

I made several presentations with concepts and ideas to implement.  They seemed to be well received thus far.  They like my existing training programs, outlines and format from NTS and NSAS.  We should be able to easily incorporate my research into this new project.  Still waiting to see what that is worth to the firm and work out the details of using my programs.  I look forward to good things.

Proposing names and basic logo design ideas the Chief settled on the name HELIX TACTICAL.  Not only does it have a nice ring, it is short, easy to remember and seemed to be original.  That should make it a better choice for a url and branding.

My interviews with staff and clients have indicated a need for professional training as a means to advance careers, improve job opportunities and pay.  Another goal is to make the training enjoyable and remarkable to the point where clients become raving fans.  I know that if we can create the best training experience that they will refer others and our program will grow.

Stay strong. Stay safe.

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