Friday, May 21, 2010

Use of Force Training Arizona


  • Soft handed arrest and control
  • Joint Manipulation Training
  • Leverage and Distraction Training
  • Tactical Communication Training
  • Verbal Judo Training
  • Fear Management Training
  • Adrenaline Stress Inoculation Training
  • Lock Flow Drills For Confidence
  • When All Else Fails Panic Planning
  • Bigger Badder Harder Stronger - David & Goliath Scenarios

Aikido-based (Police Academy) Force Training Fails In The Line of Duty For The Same Reasons It Fails in the UFC.  Do You Know The Reasons and How To Prevent This in Your Applied Force Tactics?  What the desk jockeys won't tell you because they don't know

AZ HQ Telephone 602.896.8721
Nottingham Sword & Shield Security
"When Martial Arts Mastery Meets Tactical Functional Force Training"

N T S  T A C T I C A L 

Research the rest, come train with the best.

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