Sunday, May 9, 2010

Free Self Defense Personal Security Lesson in Honor of Mothers Day

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In recognition of Mothers Day a complimentary personal protection [self defense] lesson is being offered to all Moms. 

Our Women’s Only Self Defense Series is a great way to give you the edge in personal protection – all in a comfortable, safe training environment. Come in and let our staff reduce your stress and improve your peace of mind while we teach you effective personal safety skills. 

To get your complimentary lesson or for more info contact: 
602.896.8721 or

Sponsored by: Nottingham Sword & Shield Security, Hit Like a Girl, USA Martial Arts [New PV/Scottsdale location at Tatum & Greenway in Phoenix AZ]


Company Overview:

Hit Like a Girl home and office parties were founded by two dedicated Bodyguards and Black Belt Martial Arts instructors. HLG presents unique strategies for personal security in new, entertaining and an enjoyable manner.


Fun Empowerment of Women with Bodyguard Strategies for Personal Protection, Peace of Mind emphasizing Brains Over Brawn.

Empower Yourself with Peace of Mind
Our Women's Only Self Defense Series is a great way to give you the edge in personal protection – all in a comfortable, safe training environment. Come in and let our staff pamper you while we teach you effective personal safety skills.


Training Seminars, Home Parties, Books, Tasers, Pepper Spray, and Personal Security Strategies for a Bodyguard's Version of Women's Self Defense

Nottingham Sword & Shield Security
AZ DPS License 1596766
Security Services Include:
- Residential & Commercial
- Executive Protection
- Asset Protection
- Event Security
- Patrol Guard Services


Company Overview:

NTS Nottingham Training Systems is a public and private sector consulting and training firm specializing in developing mission specific solutions for first responders, law enforcement, military, security and civilians.

Nottingham Sword and Shield Security is the Protective Division of LCI Inc. which provides security strategies and solutions to public and private clientele. Nottingham Security serves and advises media figures, corporations, government agencies, police departments,...(read more)


The mission of the Nottingham Sword & Shield Security is to develop, test, certify, and deploy strategies to protect our clients infrastructure, environment, and individuals from hostile actions, threat or circumstances that make them vulnerable to threat. Nottingham Security will provide proactive security analysis, develop robust security architecture and ingrain security awareness facilitating a reduced stress environment. Nottingham Security works in partnership with the various agencies, specialists, departments, and representatives to support our client's mission and goals.


Security Training & Services Include

Residential & Commercial
Executive & Close Protection
Asset Protection
Event Security
Strategic Advisors for Protective Solutions

Including but not limited to:
Advanced Threat Assessments
Self Defense Personal Protection
Security Guard Training and Services
Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics
Use of Force Continuum Arrest and Restraint
Seminars, Demonstrations, Events
On site and mobile services

For mission specific on site and mobile training services call 480.443.0088.


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